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The Center for Research Libraries provides access to a number of diverse digital collections on a variety of subjects. Topics include propaganda from the early years of the People’s Republic of China, slavery and emancipation in Mali, Chicago’s most prominent Polish language newspaper, Brazilian government documents, pamphlets from the French Revolution, and the history and culture of Southeast Asia.

This digital project focuses on the history of Durham, North Carolina in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. In addition to being the home of Duke University, which hosts the project, Durham serves as a case study for many important trends shaping the post-Civil War South, including industrialization, urbanization, immigration, and emmancipation. The web site contains primary sources for Durham between the 1870s and the 1920s. Topics can be browsed or searched by keyword and searched by Library of Congress Subject Heading.

Materials from eight Vermont Congressmen, produced from 1818 to 2004, document topics including the abolition of slavery, the butter trade, and the rich social and political history of Vermont. The collection may be searched or browsed by title or by its broad categories: Congressional Portraits, Tennie Toussaint Photographs, Congressional Speeches, Dairy and the US Congress, and Congressional Papers.

This digital project contains all 103 issues of Freedom’s Journal, which was the first newspaper in the United States to be owned and operated by African-Americans. The paper was published from 1827-1829 and reflects African-American family and community life, as well as prevalent social concerns such as slavery and lynching.

This collection focuses on the history of Africa. Providing access to both primary and secondary sources, the collection covers topics such as slavery, colonization, language, religion, and art. Includes text, images, and sound recordings.

This collection includes materials created by various abolitionist groups to document their struggle against the institution of slavery.

This selection of documents concerns American slavery, resistance to the institution, and its ultimate abolition. The collection includes printed and visual sources as well as audio recordings.

This collection of images is based on the Atlantic Slave Trade and slave life in the New World. Contributing scholars have ascribed an estimated date and region to each image.

This project includes images of African-American life throughout the nineteenth century. Topics covered range from slavery to family to cultural expression.


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