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NASA has digitized over 9000 press release photos from the American manned space program. Spanning the duration of the program from the Mercury to the STS-79 Shuttle, the website of the Johnson Space Center offers an impressive array of images. Users may search or browse the images.


This digital collection features textual and visual materials on the First (Indian) Nations of Southern Oregon and Northern California. Sources include treaties, dictionaries, books, articles, and government publications. The collection is designed to show the impact of the First Nations on the history, culture, and ecology of the region.

From 1907 to 1930, Edward S. Curtis recorded his research and observations related to traditional North American Indian cultures. Comprised of twenty volumes of text and a wealth of images, Curtis’ work is an ambitious effort to document one American’s perspective on Indian life during the early twentieth century.

Footnote is a unique digital project that provides access to original historical documents and incorporates the growing trend of online social networking. Users are invited to upload content and to offer interpretations. As a result, available materials cover a wide variety of subjects ranging from major historical figures and events to lesser-known personal stories, genealogy, and community histories. Requires member registration – basic membership is free, but offers limited functionality and access.

The University of Tennessee has provided online access to a “definitive and comprehensive” encyclopedia of the history and culture of Tennessee. As users might expect, this is a secondary source with fairly minimal primary source content; though, articles on selected topics are accompanied by one or more related images. Users will find articles about the Volunteer State on such wide-ranging topics as African-Americans, conservation, medicine, and sports.

British History Online provides access to a wealth of primary and secondary sources on the medieval and modern history of the British Isles. Using manuscripts, scholarly works, images, reference works, and maps, the digital library covers a wide variety of subjects. Users may browse the materials or search by topic, region, period, or source type.

Gallica represents a wealth of primary source materials drawn from the holdings of the National Library of France (BNF). Resources include 90,000 texts and 80,000 images, as well as audio content. Users should note that most sources pertain to the history and culture of France and the Francophone world, and all introductory, explanatory, and editorial information is provided only in French.

This digital collection highlights the life and work of scientist, Enrico Fermi, who oversaw the first controlled, self-sustaining nuclear chain reaction in 1942. The work of Fermi and his team of scientists led to the development of the atomic bomb that was employed to end World War II. The project includes documents and images concerning Fermi’s groundbreaking career.


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