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This digital project is devoted to the life and work of the recently deceased and highly controversial Indonesian leader, Suharto. Using a variety of declassified documents from the United States National Security Archive, the collection traces the exploits of Suharto, the nature of U.S.-Indonesian relations under his leadership, and American perceptions of him during his early career.


This digital project focuses on the devastating natural disaster that struck Japan in 1923, known as the Great Kanto Earthquake. Western travelers shot photographs, collected newspaper clippings, and wrote home about the destruction they witnessed. The project highlights the aftermath of the earthquake but also shows a great deal about the relations between the West and the East during the period.

This digital project showcases an array of materials on relations between the West and the Middle East. The project uses texts, images, and maps (both historical and interactive) to explore the experiences of Western travelers in the Middle East from the eighteenth through the twentieth centuries.


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