Welcome to The Digital Collections Compendium, a project of the University of New Hampshire Library Digital Collections Initiative.

The goal of this project is to connect researchers with digital collections on topics of interest to them.

The guide includes brief descriptions of and links to digital collections (digital projects, digital initiatives, digital libraries, etc.) created by libraries, archives, government agencies, and other institutions. Projects included cover a wide variety of subjects and digital formats, but collections that are search-able, easy to navigate, contain primary sources, and allow unrestricted use of materials are given first consideration, although not all projects included will meet all of these criteria. This site is not meant to be exhaustive or comprehensive, but will grow to include additional digital collections over time.

Please feel free to leave comments about the collections on individual posts. If you would like to suggest a collection for inclusion in this guide, please send an email to Eleta Exline.

Project contributors:

Siobhan Eaton, Graduate Assistant for the UNH Library Digital Collections Initiative and Ph. D. Candidate in the UNH Department of History.

Eleta Exline, Digital Collections Librarian, UNH Library.

Meredith Ricker, Digital Collections Manger, UNH Library.