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This digital project is devoted to the life and work of the recently deceased and highly controversial Indonesian leader, Suharto. Using a variety of declassified documents from the United States National Security Archive, the collection traces the exploits of Suharto, the nature of U.S.-Indonesian relations under his leadership, and American perceptions of him during his early career.

This digital project illuminates the history of two dozen of the most popular patriotic American songs. Using recordings, sheet music, manuscript scores, and editorial notes, the project explores the origins of popular tunes such as “America the Beautiful,” “God Bless America,” and the national anthem.

This digital collection presents a selection of writings—mostly letters and sermons—from the nineteenth-century American thinker, Thomas Wentworth Higginson. Though Higginson is likely best known for the correspondence he exchanged with poet Emily Dickinson, his career as a minister and writer engaged him in virtually all of the most important debates of his time, including slavery, women’s rights, temperance, and war. This collection can be browsed by topic and provides images of original writings along with typed transcripts.

This digital project brings together half a million pages of primary sources (textual and visual) based on the history of disease and epidemics. The collection is organized around several notable episodes of epidemic diseases such as cholera, the plague, smallpox, influenza, syphilis, tuberculosis, and yellow fever. The project explores the biological and medical facets of each episode along with its economic, political, social, and cultural ramifications. Finally, the collection is framed by a timeline of episodes of significant diseases and epidemics.

“Views of 20th Century Canada” is a work-in-progress by the Canadian Architectural Photography Digitization Project that showcases over 10,000 photos of the birth of the city in modern Canada. Along with editorial guides, the images trace the development of the urban landscape in Canada and its impact on the history of the nation.

The University Library System (ULS) at the University of Pittsburgh has digitized and mounted online its rare and complete set of John James Audubon’s Birds of America. Each of the 435 plates link to their respective narrative within Audubon’s companion publication, his Ornithological Biography, also digitized as part of this project.

Time Magazine now offers a digital archive from 1923 to the present. The site includes a number of interesting features. While users may search for specific articles by name, date, subject, or keyword, they may also search magazine covers in the same fashion. Additionally, the search engine allows users to explore coverage of various subject matters over time.

Spain’s Institut Cartogràfic de Catalunya (ICC) hosts a digital collection of ancient and modern maps drawn from regions throughout the world. Though the collection is particularly strong in its coverage of local areas (i.e. Barcelona ), maps of the Americas, Africa, and Asia are also included. Users may view, search, and download most maps.

Keene State College hosts three digital photography collections based on anthropological studies of the Orang Asli peoples of Peninsular Malaysia. Collectively, the studies reflect over thirty years of ethnographic fieldwork in the region. All three collections may be browsed or searched by keyword.

This digital collection showcases the holdings of several libraries, museums, and historical societies throughout the state of New Jersey. While the collection is particularly strong in its coverage of history and culture in New Jersey, it also contains materials on genealogy, immigration, agriculture, and war that may be of general interest to those studying United States history.

This digital project focuses on the history of Durham, North Carolina in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. In addition to being the home of Duke University, which hosts the project, Durham serves as a case study for many important trends shaping the post-Civil War South, including industrialization, urbanization, immigration, and emmancipation. The web site contains primary sources for Durham between the 1870s and the 1920s. Topics can be browsed or searched by keyword and searched by Library of Congress Subject Heading.

This digital collection features letters from three prominent congressmen from the state of Vermont. Congressmen Austin, Collamer, and Crafts served in the nineteenth century and wrote home on a variety of local, state, and national matters. The letters shed light on political and social trends from the perspective of three political men from rural New England.

The digital collections hosted by Miami University showcase about 16,000 primary sources including photographs, newspapers, videos, and interviews. While much of the collection pertains to the history of the university and the region, certain materials, such as the collection of Victorian trade cards, reveal broader trends in the economy and culture of nineteenth-century America.

The University of Warwick’s library has digitized several hundred plays derived from two larger collections: 1) Revolutionary Drama: Plays from the French Revolutionary period and 2) Empire Period Drama: Plays from the French Napoleonic period. Though the site offers very little introductory, descriptive, or editorial text, the growing collection can be browsed or searched using specific criteria such as title, author, and subject.

Newton Amos Chandler was a prospector during the mid-nineteenth-century Gold Rush on the west coast of the United States. In a series of letters written to his wife Jane between 1855 and 1872, Chandler conveys the experiences and challenges faced by those pursuing wealth and opportunity during the Gold Rush. Subjects covered include westward expansion, racial and ethnic tensions, mining, and the fortunes and misfortunes of gold miners.


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