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This digital collection highlights the life and work of scientist, Enrico Fermi, who oversaw the first controlled, self-sustaining nuclear chain reaction in 1942. The work of Fermi and his team of scientists led to the development of the atomic bomb that was employed to end World War II. The project includes documents and images concerning Fermi’s groundbreaking career.

This digital project provides access to all population reports for Britain, Ireland, Wales, and Scotland from 1801-1937. The collection includes reports from the census and registrar, as well as maps, correspondence, essays, and legislative texts pertaining to population concerns. These extensive holdings provide rich data on demography, economy, society, medicine, geography, and law in the nineteenth-century UK.

This digital collection showcases over one hundred historic maps of regions throughout Africa from the sixteenth through the twentieth century, along with brief explanatory notes on the features of each map.

The digital collections of the United States Military Academy at West Point highlight the history of the school and its alumni, as well as other topics pertaining to military history and culture. The collections contain books, manuscripts, photographs, and multimedia components on a wide variety of subjects.


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