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The British Library has digitized some of its most notable holdings for use by scholars and book enthusiasts. Among those texts available for viewing are the world’s oldest printed book, the first atlas of Europe, Da Vinci’s sketches, and Mozart’s diary.

This digital project focuses on the covered bridges of Pennsylvania, especially those located in or near the Susquehanna River Valley. The project provides access to several hundred images captured by a faculty member at Bucknell University during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

New York’s American Museum of Natural History has long published the Anthropological Papers, in which noted scholars in the field have included their ethnographic findings. This digital collection makes available a selection of anthropological works published between 1907 and 2007, including works by Margaret Mead.

Cambridge University has digitized images from a number of its most valued collections on topics ranging from math and science to poetry and religion. Note to users: The digitized version of Gutenberg’s Bible is available only to members of the Cambridge University community.

This digital project provides access to the “gradual” book of the spoken and sung liturgy used in Catholic masses to celebrate feasts from Maundy Thursday to the Vigil of Pentecost. In addition to liturgical and musical texts, the gradual is adorned with original artwork from sixteenth-century France, where the book originates. The project is searchable by 19 different fields, including title, day of the church year, date, and language.

This digital project contains more than one hundred personal accounts given by modern Iranians. Most individuals were instrumental in the political, social, and cultural changes that shaped Iran between 1920 and 1980.

This digital project highlights popular culture during the “Great War,” with a special focus on World War I poetry and postcards. Users will find an extensive selection of both items from a wide variety of international contexts.

The State of Wisconsin publishes an annual volume known as the Wisconsin Blue Book, which contains extensive data on the state’s government, population, geography, history, elections, education, social services, finance, agriculture, industry, and transportation. This project offers digitized versions of the Blue Books from 1853 through 2004.

This project offers a digitized version of the 1953 multi-volume set of President Abraham Lincoln’s collected works, including his writings, correspondence, and speeches. The volumes are searchable by word, phrase, or title.


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